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Before You Start

You must know the value of EMAIL MARKETING SERVICES

E-mail-marketing has evolved globally in the twenty first century. Email advertising is cheaper and delivered in a 2nd than typical mail.E-mail advertising is often regarded as a 2nd choice in Digital advertising the place we can track our email to get an specific Return On Investment(ROI).

E-mail-marketing is one section of internet marketing, which encompasses online advertising by way of websites, social media, blogs, etc. It is in fact the equal as direct mail besides that as an alternative of sending mail via the postal service, messages are sent electronically by means of email.

E-mail-marketing can help you foster your workable through the funnel and flip them into loyal customers. Through automating a proper deal of the procedure, you could create sturdy digital mail marketing campaigns that deliver a sturdy return on investment.

When we came across e-mail-marketing,its a viable gateway in Digital advertising to alert our customers about your business.It acts as business message or promotions to a set of people with a common goal.Its greater than simply an email.Where you can customize with eye-catching visible contents to get attention of your customers. when compared to ordinary email, email advertising (commercial email) has a higher fee of response for business. By sending bulk emails we can use an ESP (email service provider) to fetch the data about the conduct of the recipients.Through the response of the electronic mail we get an perception to filter the nature of customers.

Why Email Marketing is the Second Best Marketing Method?

Wide Reach

Email has a wide reach, with billions of people using email worldwide. This means that businesses can easily connect with their target audience and reach them directly in their inbox, without relying on algorithms or third-party platforms. Email allows for personalized and direct communication, making it an effective way to engage with customers and prospects.

Targeted Messaging

Email marketing allows for highly targeted messaging. Businesses can segment their email lists based on various criteria such as demographics, interests, behavior, and more. This enables them to send relevant and personalized messages to specific segments of their audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Automation and Scalability

Email marketing platforms offer automation features that allow businesses to set up automated email campaigns. This saves time and effort, as emails can be scheduled in advance and sent automatically based on triggers or actions. Email marketing is also highly scalable, as businesses can send emails to a large audience with just a few clicks.

Why Email Marketing from Centrum7 Business Solutions

In this context, what factors show the importance of email marketing? Well, it worked fine at first. Marketers are still using email marketing because email marketing statistics show that it is very effective. These campaigns can be customized with the right tools, so they remain relevant to customers over time. In addition, many of the costs associated with email marketing are reasonable and depend on the supplier to a minimum. All of this means that email marketing is convenient for marketers, but there are other reasons why this method is still important.

Reason 1
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Site Audit - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Everybody use Email

Do you know adults who do not send emails? If this is done, then he is likely to live in a country or an older person. Of course, in developed countries, people choose not to use e-mail in some places, or some people cannot use e-mail. Yes but far away

Resaon 2
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Right Audience - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Able to Reach Customer in Real-Time

According to survey from Litmus, 54% of all emails were opened on mobile devices. This is important and should be important when planning a marketing strategy. More and more consumers are using mobile devices to access not just their email but all other types of media. In addition, well-designed emails on mobile devices offer a higher conversion rate than any other medium.

Reason 3
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Good Content - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Email Marketing Campaigns are budget friendly

Most small businesses have tight budgets, which means they need to find the cheapest way to attract and reach their audience. Email marketing is a lucrative digital marketing strategy that can be started with very little investment. In addition, maintenance costs are relatively low over time, so small businesses can derive more benefits from marketing investments.

Reason 4
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Monitoring & Analysing - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Email Marketing Campaign is Measurable

There is no guesswork in email marketing. By using email marketing software, you can track who has opened your email, which links have been clicked, and how many people have unsubscribed. You can easily understand your performance. Electronic advertising campaigns, make adjustments and increase their effectiveness. When tracking and evaluating your internet marketing strategy as a whole, it is important to consider email marketing metrics.

Reason 5
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Reporting - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Through Email Marketing, Segmentation is possible.

By dividing these customers into appropriate email distribution lists, the company can target these groups more effectively. Customers need information to enter the next phase of the buying cycle. This is exactly what you can do by publishing the right content. The key is to attract those potential customers through the sales channel in the most effective way (rather than as soon as possible).

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    Email Marketing Services PACKAGES IN KERALA

    Our email marketing packages are designed to provide comprehensive and results-driven solutions for businesses.


    • Responsive email design
    • Email template library
    • 10,000 emails per month
    • Unlimited contact details
    • Workflow editor
    • Real-time reporting
    Suitable for website owners and web masters who manage single website.


    • Responsive Email Design
    • Email Template Library
    • 20,000 Email per month
    • Unlimited Contacts
    • No daily sending limit
    • Complete Whitelabel
    • Workflow Editor
    • Real time Reporting
    Suitable for agencies and developers who manage many websites.


    • Facebook Ads
    • Chat & Phone Support
    • Multi-user access
    • Advanced open & click stats
    • Location & device reporting
    A peace of mind solution, buy once and get lifetime updates and support.

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