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Website Development Service in Trivandrum - Centrum7 Business Solutions

Before You Start

You must know what is WEB DEVELOPMENT & DESIGNING

Our expert web-development team has the great potential to level up your website, whether it is a personalized static or dynamic website, in WordPress that pushes your business and brand to the next level.

Being one of the apogee Web designing agencies in Trivandrum, Centrum7 will help our customers to make their presence in the respective markets with our expert team in Website Development in Trivandrum. We provide high-quality hosting and domain service with 99% uptime. The website development process includes structuring of website layout, developing Website UI design, setup the domain and hosting services and deploy the website within the date of submission.

In-depth knowledge and expertise in Website Development, in Kerala we would ensure the best performance for our customer’s website. Our website development service would incorporate all the modern layouts and designs in the process of website development.


Quality of Content is Important

CONTENT IS KING. Yes, you have seen this in so many places because it still matters. Great quality content is one of the top signals for Search Engine Optimization. Every visitor lands on the website to search for accurate and relevant information for their need. Being a website development agency in Trivandrum, we are responsible to provide good quality content to our customers.

Navigation & Layout Distribution

Our website development process includes interactive UI design and layout development. The menu and other links are easily accessible for the visitor to navigate to the desired section or pages of the website. In addition, a search box is provided to find the content with keywords or phrases. The content will be distributed evenly and call to action are given in the right spot to engage the users.

Simple & Acceptable Design

As we mentioned earlier, the Website UI design plays an integral part in website development. Every customer is valuable for the business. A simple but attractive design will reduce the bounce rate of the website. As per the latest report, the ideal bounce rate of a website should be between 40-50%, which means greater than 2 minutes on the website. The colors, fonts, headings, call to action sections are very much crucial in reducing the bounce rate.

Website Loading Time

Google Pagespeed Insights are one of the top free page speed analytical tools on the internet. There are several factors that affect the page speed, which depend on the hosting, JS, CSS files. The bigger the complexity of the JS files, the more the page loading time. Too many plugins or javascript files will increase the page loading time. As per Google Pagespeed insights, the ideal loading time is below 2 sec.

Importance of SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. While website development, several things should be taken care of for Search Engine Optimization. Keywords and meta tags should be included in the content to reach the right audience. As the CEO of Google once said, Search Engine Optimization works on basis of over 200 signals. Our website development has knowledge in developing SEO-friendly websites for increasing their presence in the search ranking.

Website Compatibility

Nowadays, we roam the internet through various devices like Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. So the screen resolution of each device is different which gives a challenge in website development. Our team is aware of the difference in each screen resolution and designs the website to suit all the available screen resolutions.


Stage 1
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Site Audit - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Initial Analysis

The first step of the website development analysis includes the need of the customer's product or services to the market. We prepare a set of questions based on the products/services of the customer and fill up every detail and also the customer can suggest ideas about the website design.

Stage 2
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Right Audience - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Preparation of Website UI

The second step starts with developing an exclusive website UI design that meets the requirement of the customer and also ensures the latest trends of website development that suits the product/service to attract the end-users.

Stage 3
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Good Content - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Website Development

The live development of the website is the third step in our website development service. Images, Icons, Background banners were sliced in the correct aspect ratio. Our specialty in website development is that we give much importance to the color combination on the website.

Stage 4
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Monitoring & Analysing - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Content Management

Our content writers are the best in the industry. The website content was filled with keywords and good vocabulary. We establish a content strategy to reach the right audience and satisfy the customer's needs.

Stage 5
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Reporting - Centrum7 Business Solutions
One Page SEO

On-page SEO is a crucial technique that increases the presence of the website in the search engine. To improve the ranking, the content must be optimized with keywords and correct meta tags that is suitable for products/services.

Stage 6
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Reporting - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Testing & Deployment

The final stage in the website development is testing and deployment of the website. The quality testing team will ensure the website's responsiveness and check how the website performs on the desktop, tablet, and mobile also.

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    Web Development PACKAGES IN KERALA

    Check the updated packages and details for Web Development and Designing.


    • Responsive Web Design
    • SEO Friendly Website
    • Basic SEO Setup
    • Free Hosting*
    • Free SSL Certification
    • Approx. 10,000 Visitors
    • Storage space upto 30GB
    • 1 Email Account
    • 2 Subdomains
    • 1 FTP Account
    Suitable for website owners and web masters who manage single website.


    • Responsive Web Design
    • SEO Friendly Website
    • Basic SEO Setup
    • Free Domain and Hosting**
    • Free SSL Certification
    • Approx. 25,000 Visitors
    • Storage space upto 100 GB
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 100 Subdomains
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Suitable for agencies and developers who manage many websites.


    • Responsive Web Design
    • SEO Friendly Website
    • Basic SEO Setup
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Free SSL Certification
    • Free CDN
    • Approx. 100000 Visitors
    • Storage upto 200 GB
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 100 Subdomains
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts
    A peace of mind solution, buy once and get lifetime updates and support.

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