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Social Media is evolving every year, every month, every day. Social Media Marketing is a method of digital marketing, which a brand can directly connect with customers or an audience and understand the reach and potential of the brand from their response like Comments, Shares, Engagements etc. Our Social Media Marketing services utilize different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so on to reach the potential audience for our valuable clients.

By using Centrum7 Business Solutions Social Media Marketing Services, your brand can improve and establish a brand that grab the attention of the customer more broadly. The Social Media marketing services include Poster Designing, building brand awareness, and several other features. Creative usage of Social Media Marketing resources can generate a huge number of leads for your business.

Importance of using SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Every business should develop a social media presence to maximize the brand’s visibility to the audience. Also, all social media strategy has only one ultimate goal and that is to increase brand awareness and generate more revenue for their business.
Our Social media marketing services empower the brand’s product/services to reach the right potential customer at the right time. The important factor is, utilizing all the social media platforms that are popular among the audience gives an upper hand and makes you stand out in the crowd. Those audiences can be converted into your customer with ease.
Every company should be aware of how much social media influence people, how they react when they react, what is the right time to reach them. Our expert team will prepare a plan for the customer, we prepare an effective strategy to take off their business to a new level. Our social media marketing techniques will meet the goals of our customers.

Facts #1

The Average Time people spend on Social Media worldwide
is around 2.7 Hours per day

Facts #2

49% of people unfollow a brand on social media
because of poor quality of product or support.

Facts #3

Instagram crossed 1 billion
active user worldwide.

Why Centrum7 is Best for SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

It is a truth that a widespread majority of the human beings are the usage of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram. We have the know-how and ride to establish your brand’s recognition amongst the conceivable clients who are phase of some of these networks.We comply with your competitors’ things to do on social media and research as to what works excellent for them and what does not. This helps us to pick out the techniques that will work wonders for your niche. We will work with you and help you reply to the worries and questions of your clients quickly and directly.We will understand your brand and desires in detail and create customized solutions for you.We also analyse and measure the consequences of a marketing campaign and then optimize the approach and solution as required. This enables you to reap your enterprise goals.

Stage 1
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Site Audit - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Auditing of Social Media

To begin, we conduct an audit to assess your social landscape. We'll look at what your competitors are doing and see what's going for them. What are the possibilities? – in addition to identifying the target group and deciding how they act.

Stage 2
Social Media Service in Trivandrum- Right Audience - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Check the Right Audience

This is used to enhance our strategy. Posting on social media is a pretty handy task, however doing it well entails cautious thought. We decide the superior way to attain your target market such as the what, when and where, so your fan base grows, engages and converts.

Stage 3
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Good Content - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Developing Good Content

Content Creation For the work, we create and curate content. We create and manage content calendars and innovative promotions to generate buzz for your company, stating the idea, logic, and how to implement it effectively.

Stage 4
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Monitoring & Analysing - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Monitoring & Analyzing

We’re constantly monitoring and analyzing, spotting opportunities and the usage of data-driven insights to optimize our posts and campaigns. We use a mixture of social listening tools and advanced analytics to discover how humans are responding and who fantastic to target to deliver the great performance.

Stage 5
Digital Marketing Service in Trivandrum- Reporting - Centrum7 Business Solutions
Formal Reporting

Finally, we provide you with completely personalized social reports that provide key metrics on page and campaign results, as well as actionable insights and potential recommendations. We cut through the nonsense and teach you just what you need to know to achieve your objectives.

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    Social Media Marketing PACKAGES IN KERALA

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    • 2 Social Media Accounts
    • 3 Posts per Week
    • 2 Social Media Hashtag Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Social Media Monthly Report

    Entry Level Social Media Package for Small Business or Startup


    • 4 Social Media Accounts
    • 5 Posts per Week
    • 4 Social Media Hastag Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Social Media Monthly Report

    Suitable Social Media Package for Medium level Businesses.


    • 6 Social Media Accounts
    • 10 Posts per Week
    • Unlimited Hashtag Research
    • Keyword Research
    • Social Media Monthly Report

    Best plan for large business companies. *Charges applicable for Additional Poster designing.

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